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Chain of Custody Certification

Almost all of our products are chain of custody certified to the globally recognised FSC® Chain Of Custody Standard. This is your guarantee that the wood in the product is legally harvested from well managed forests.


We submit to the scrutiny of independent organisations to prove that the timber products we supply can be independently verified as coming from well managed forests.

Both the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) are organisations that bring people and companies together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests. Panelco holds both FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification which is your guarantee that the wood in the products you are buying from us is legally harvested from well managed forests.

Our FSC® Chain of Custody number is TT-COC-001670

Download our FSC Certificate


Our PEFC™ Chain of Custody number is BMT-PEFC-0057

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Responsible Purchasing

Our customers expect us to purchase responsibly and in order to achieve this we have chosen to adopt the Timber Trade Federation’s Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) to demonstrate that we do. The RPP is a process designed to show that the wood we buy comes from legally harvested sources. The process is checked annually by a TTF appointed auditor. It also assists us to demonstrate compliance with the EU Timber Regulation.

Download our TTF Responsible Purchaser Certificate




Quality Assurance

All our main processes are controlled through a certified Business Management System, approved to ISO9001:2015.

This is your guarantee that all of the processes created to deliver legal compliance and our first class customer service are properly documented, professionally implemented and internally audited. The processes also cover the Construction Products Regulation, the EU Timber Regulation and finance.

Our BMS is certified by BM TRADA Certification Ltd as meeting the requirements of the standard. 

Our certification number is 10069.

Download our ISO9001:2008 BMS Certificate

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Declaring Performance

Our plywood is procured through our sister company, Meyer Timber Ltd.

For Declarations of Performance please click on the appropriate link below:

Structural & Non Structural Plywood

Flame Retardant Treated Plywood & Hardboard




TRADA membership, together with our other memberships, shows that we are supporting the timber industry to flourish and grow in every way we can. All industries need to grow their expertise in order to progress in a competitive market. That expertise needs to be technical as well as commercial. TRADA provides that technical expertise which allows us to advise our customers appropriately when they are searching for the right product for their application. We pride ourselves in the quality of the support provided by our technical department, underwritten by our membership of TRADA and other technical advisory bodies.

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