K Quality Pinboard

Sundeala K Quality pinboard is a unique pinboard made from 100% waste paper with a quality sanded surface offering a suede like pre-finish that means it can be used without a fabric covering. Alternatively a range of different colours are also available.

The specifier’s choice for unmatched pin retention, long life and durability. 



Pre-sanded, soft feel finish


Safe to use with no splinters and excellent pin retention


Lifelong performance, exposed boards are easily restored


Easy to cut and shape for on-site fabrication


Contains no formaldehyde or toxic ingredients


Fire safety satisfied with flame retardant board


Eco friendly


Light grey in colour


No minimum order


Available ex-stock



Shop fitting

The boards contain no asbestos, formaldehyde or VOCs. The product conforms to BS EN 622-3 Type MBL.

Please refer to the relevant documents for further information.





K Quality Pinboard

Sundeala K Pinboard

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