PEFC Certified Finnish Grade III Quality Birch 3 Ply Thin Veneer Plywood

PEFC™ certified Finnish Birch Thin Veneer Plywood, Grade III, is manufactured from ultra-thin birch veneers, harvested from PEFC certified forests, bonded together with a phenol formaldehyde adhesive film, which has superior resistance to loss of bond strength with time.

PEFC Finnish Birch thin veneer Plywood, Grade III, is the ultimate flexible panel, capable of being bonded by the user in multiple layers to create complex 3-dimensional shapes and structures.



The ultimate flexible panel


Superior resistance to loss of bond strength with time


Easy to cut with basic shearing tools


PEFC certified


No minimum order


Available ex-stock


Equine saddles


Model aircraft


PEFC Finnish Birch Plywood Grade III is manufactured to very fine tolerances, giving consistent panel thickness and flexibility.






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